STM Dry Clutch Conversion Kit for the Ducati Monster 937 and Hypermotard 950


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STM Wet to Dry Conversion Slipper Clutch for the Ducati Monster 937 and Hypermotard 950


KTT-2300 Conversion kit Ducati Monster 937  2021- EVO SBK with basket and disks 48D and cnc machined crankcase  $2899

KTT-2400 Conversion kit Ducati Hypermotard 950 2021- EVO GP with basket and disks 40D and cnc machined crankcase $3150


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The legendary sound of a Ducati is available to you npw… This is a complete kit That includes a new CNC Machined Clutch case and all the needed parts along with the Your Choice of the awesome STM Evoluzione GP or Evoluzione SBK Slipper clutches.
Dry clutches are easier to maintain, used on Race track, There is the Appearance factor, and of course the Sound of that dry clutch the stands out a Ducati bike over any other.
EVO GP Slipper Clutch
It comes with a 40 tooth basket, plate set and clutch cover. Its unique “spoon shaped’ Fin basket causes a progressive internal heat extraction from the clutch center. In addition to the clutch being a very small size making it much lighter, the most important feature of this clutch is the raw material: alloy steel, whose hardness removes the wearing effect among its parts which results in an incredible life time and increased value. But as always.
The new Evo GP slipper clutch has been designed using the “ramps and spheres” patent, as well as the superior technical ability that STM is world famous for. Equipped with a 105 mm diaphragm primary spring, the new Evo GP slipper-clutch applies Evoluzione technology: diaphragm primary springs, available in different weights.
NOTE: Tool UTL-0060 is Required to Properly Torque this clutch
NOTE 2: even though the kit shows an engine case as being included, the kit was revised in 2018 and no longer needs a new engine case
EVO SBK Slipper Clutch
The Evoluzione Racing Slipper Clutch was built to handle the high horsepower and torque of today’s modern High Horsepower Bikes, Race worthy of Ducati SBK’s!
Includes 2-Piece Hub with 35 Degree Ramps Progressive Engagement Plate Pressure Plate 125mm Clutch Diaphragm Spring, Mounting Hardware, 48 tooth Clutch Plates, and Red Clutch Basket.
NOTE: Tool UTL-0030 is Required to Properly Torque this clutch
How the springs work: The primary and secondary springs are mounted in such a way as to guarantee a preload which generates an initial resilient spring force.
How the primary spring works: When the lever is actuated, the preloading position of the primary spring is varied and reduced. The spring returns an elastic force of contrast to the action of the lever.
How the secondary spring works: The torque generated by the rear wheel tends to raise the drum. The secondary spring is compressed with respect to the initial resting position and generates an elastic contrast force.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

Monster 937 EVO SBK KTT-2300, Hypermotard 950 EVO SBK KTT-2400


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