EVR Wet Slipper Clutch for MV Agusta F4 and Brutale


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For F4 and Brutale Models. The EVR slipper clutch features 48 tooth plates instead of the standard 12 to increase longevity. The “slippage”, the performance of the device as it were, can be adjusted by springs rather than the thickness of the clutch plate. Edo Vigna was Ducati’s engineer for their SBK race team about 15 years ago and is the inventor of the slipper clutch! He also developed the clutch for STM and Ducati’s Bucci. He also has a superstock team in Italy. Edo’s new patented slipper is the next evolution of the slipper clutch. The old style slipper clutches (STM, Bucci, etc.), have a moving central hub that puts pressure on the ramps at different angles and cause friction between the clutch plates and the clutch drum causing excess friction and wear on the discs. The other issue he explaines is that the bearings of the old style are made from steel and aluminum, which creates a mismatch in metals both from a fatigue standpoint and the simple fact that the two metals don’t work well together. This problem doesn’t happen with EVR slipper clutch because the clutch drum doesn’t move up and down, but is fixed. Only the cover of the hub moves. Also, there are no ball bearings or different metals coming into contact with each other. Rather than relying on ramp angles, the control of the torque/slippage system can be adjusted by replacing the spring weights and/or adding and subtracting springs. The EVR Wet slipper clutch is machined from aluminum billet. Eliminates rear wheel chatter on corner entry improving stability and ultimately lap times on the track as well as safety on the street. It retains OEM clutch plates and basket. EVR slipper clutches use a patented technology that greatly improves operation and clutch life when compared to the competition. Upon purchase, we will contact you to determne the coorect one for your bike. Chose below the 4 Spring for:

BRUTALE 910 2005/2008 F4 1000 2004/2006 MODELS.

The 6 Spring is for BRUTALE 989R 2008 MODELS BRUTALE 1078R 2008 MODELS BRUTALE 920/990R/1090R 2010/2011 MODELS F4 1000 312R2007/2008 MODELS F4 1078 312R 2007/2008 MODELS F4 1000R 2006/2007 MODELS F4 VELTRO 2008 MODELS, F4 2010-11-12 and F3.

NOTE: The F4 1078RR require more pre-load, springs should be longer about 56.5mm/57mm.

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